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Men Love a Good Hot Shave at Finley’s

MEN LOVE A GOOD HOT SHAVE AT FINLEY'S BARBER SHOP A trip to Finley's Barber Shop for a good hot shave will make your man smile smoothly from ear to ear! Be sure you make an appointment; otherwise, you may have to wait a while. Easy peasy online booking can be accomplished here. While the ladies in my family shopped on 2nd Street, the men spent a little time getting (more) handsome at Finley's Barber Shop on 3rd, next to Royal Blue Grocery. My poor guys looked a little nervous in this photo. Two had never had a good hot

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Gifts for Adventurous and Outdoorsy Guys

Calling all adventurous and outdoorsy guys - I'm confident that once you read the following list of gifts, you'll find something that really floats your boat.  So, the next time someone asks what you want for your birthday - for Father's Day - for Christmas, you'll know exactly how to answer. ROCK CLIMBING COURSE Ramp up your favorite guy's rock climbing experience with an outdoor course taught by a pro at Rock About Climbing Adventures. Here in the Austin area, he can choose to learn at Enchanted Rock, Reimers Ranch or the

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