An Elaborate Mother’s Day Picnic in La Grange, Texas

An Elaborate Mother's Day Picnic in La Grange, Texas

May is the Perfect Month for Mother’s Day

Aren’t you glad Mother’s Day was designated to be celebrated in the month of May? Yellow and pink flowers are blooming everywhere, the sun is shining, and the birdies are chirping. I don’t know about you, but all of those things put together sure make me want to go on a Mother’s Day picnic!

Mother’s Day Traditions

What traditions does your family have on this Sunday in May when it’s all about Mom? When I was growing up in Amarillo, Mother’s Day was a big deal for lots of reasons, but number one? Mom didn’t have to cook. My stepdad always treated my mom, my grandmother and his mixed up brood of five honyocks to a sophisticated soiree at Furrs Cafeteria. Dressed in our Sunday best, we acted right, put our napkins in our laps and enjoyed our way through little white bowls of carrot salad and lime jello squares.

Later, when I had my own family, we invited my parents over for my best cooking, and if it wasn’t too windy, we loved to eat on the patio. I’ve made Wanda Mason’s prize-winning pound cake too many times to count! Mmmmm. Fresh strawberries and whipped cream atop a slab of that cake? It’s nothing short of Mother’s Day heavenly! (Wanda was one of the most revered moms at my church, and everyone loved her pound cake.)

Now That We Live in Austin

Four years into our new life in Austin have brought lots of changes, including how we spend holidays and how we celebrate special days. There’s nothing set in stone, and one year may be completely different than the next. I’ve learned to adjust and enjoy the adventure, to go with the flow, and whoever I get to see is whoever I get to see on Mother’s Day!

We’re Pretty Flexible

This year, I’ll get to see my mom while in Canyon with our oldest, helping get her settled into her first house and celebrating my granddaughter’s birthday. My hubby will be in Dallas helping our youngest move out of his apartment for a summer in D.C. And the middle? She’ll be celebrating with her mother-in-law in Houston. See what I mean? We are one flexible family when it comes to Mother’s Day.

Thinking Outside the Box

My middle daughter is so good about working celebrations into our mixed up calendars, and she never lets an occasion go by without some fanfare. She and her husband are great at thinking outside the box, and they planned the most amazing picnic for me on the weekend before Mother’s Day in La Grange, Texas, the halfway point on the map between us and them.

La Grange is a quaint Texas town, known for its German settlement in the late 1800’s and for Monument Hill, a historical site where Texas’ soldiers who died in Mexican conflicts are buried in a scenic spot on a hill overlooking the Colorado River.

An Elaborate Picnic

This girl knows her much her momma loves all things State-parkish, so she found the spot and planned an elaborate picnic in the late afternoon when cheese and crackers are so divine, and the lighting is perfect for pictures.

If you’re looking to do something a little different this Mother’s Day, feel free to copy her ideas.

An Elaborate Mother's Day Picnic in La Grange, Texas

With lots of goodies from Trader Joe’s and our SIL’s homemade hummus, this cheese board was not your average picnic fare! How about those turquoise plates from the Dollar Store? Everything looked so beautiful on top of a yellow and white fringed throw.

An Elaborate Mother's Day picnic in La Grange, Texas

One thing I’m just not good at is framing pictures. After two whole years of these two being married, I still didn’t have a wedding photo displayed anywhere in our apartment, so I asked them to get me one for Mother’s Day. She went a step further and framed these Instagram-style photos for me as well. Doesn’t this end of the table look lovely with the flowers and photos?

An Elaborate Mother's Day Picnic in La Grange, Texas

Even the labels on the Pelligrino sparkling water bottles matched the tablescape decor!

An Elaborate Mother's Day Picnic in La Grange, Texas

For dessert, we had cool lemon mousse, served in individual Dollar Store glasses with a slice of candied lemon on top. It was refreshing and fantastic!

An Elaborate Mother's Day Picnic in La Grange, Texas

After we indulged around the cheese board, we walked down the trail for some hilltop scenic views of these bridges in the distance.

An Elaborate Mother's Day Picnic in La Grange, Texas

The Colorado River flows just down the way from here.

An Elaborate Mother's Day Picnic in La Grange, Texas

This is the Monument Hill, where the remains of those who died from the black bean lottery were exhumed and buried. History says that Sam Houston stood right here with over 1000 people who attended a ceremony in September of 1848 to commemorate the burial.

An Elaborate Mother's Day Picnic in La Grange, Texas

Did you know about the black bean lottery? I didn’t! There is so much to Texas history, y’all.

An Elaborate Mother's Day Picnic in La Grange, Texas

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I must have said it 20 times. These two know how to make someone feel special.

An Elaborate Mother's Day Picnic in La Grange, Texas

Here’s another look at the cheese board of the century.

An Elaborate Mother's Day Picnic in La Grange, Texas

How else do you celebrate Mother’s Day but with plenty of pictures? If your family will allow you to snap selfies, all the better! (Here’s a link to purchase the one I have … for yourself or some other mom who really needs it!)

Wherever you are, whatever you’re eating, whether it’s traditional or packed with surprises, I hope your Mother’s Day is filled with joy!

Encouraging intentional adventure and lovely outside-the-box experiences,


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