Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas

Just a hop, skip and jump from Austin (with a short stop at Buc-ee’s in Temple) gets you to the historic, surprisingly progressive Texas town of Waco (way-coe). It’s home both to a Big 12 university that’s over 150 years old, and to the style-savvy stars of HGTV’s hit show, Fixer Upper, Chip and Joanna Gaines.

My friend, Jana, and I would hate to be left out of anything stylish or savvy, so off we went to check it out for ourselves.  The depletion to our bank accounts was minimal, but I’m warning you – you will come home with something, so be prepared.  They put your stuff in big, sturdy brown bags, so if you find something else after you’ve already checked out, you can go back, stand in line again and add it to your bag.  I know whereof I speak.

Magnolia Market

Chip and Joanna have taken a regular spot on a regular corner of a regular town and made it a uniquely special destination for visitors from all over the place.  It’s called Magnolia Market.


Magnolia Market is two parts inspiration and one part motivation.  Or maybe the other way around, if you’re motivated before you’re inspired. Jana and I were scouting for wedding reception centerpiece ideas and found these.  I wasn’t looking for anything wedding, since our big Austin wedding already occurred (yes!), but I did bring home a couple of these signature scent candles, because I’m positively sure they will make great gifts.


We can’t wait to go back, check out what’s new, and hopefully nibble on something sweet from the new bakery.

Have you been to Magnolia Market? What was your #1 favorite find? I’d love to hear!

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