Grape Creek Vineyards – Fredericksburg, Texas

Most people in the Texas Hill Country are well aware and pretty well-acquainted with a little German town situated between Austin and El Paso.  Well, actually, it’s a “fer piece” from El Paso, but, still, it’s between here and there. And if you enjoy any of the items on the following list, you will love Fredericksburg, Texas. Furthermore, you will be glad you pointed your car in her direction, no matter where you’re headed, my Texas road-tripping friends.

  • German food
  • Quaint shopping
  • Peaches
  • Hiking
  • Christmas

You can stay for the weekend, or go for the day.  Go with girlfriends, or go with your spouse.  Go by yourself if you want to!  Fredericksburg is a true Texas gem, the epicenter of the Texas hill country wine region, and no visitor leaves without some (or a whole lot of ) hesitation.

The landscape of Fredericksburg, Texas has definitely changed over the years. While still boasting the best B&B lodging around, the influx of Texas wineries isn’t all about the wineries; however, it would be hard to recommend a day trip to this charming spot without recommending a stop at one of the local wineries.  And then if I’m going to recommend one of them, I might as well recommend the one I like best!  Grape Creek Vineyards produces consistently delicious wines, and the on-site Trattoria produces consistently delicious pizza.  You can’t beat that combination.  I can almost smell it now.  Just place your order at the window, then kick back and relax with your members’ perk half-glass of merlot (my choice) until the buzzer lets you know your order is up.

From the Trattoria – Delicious!

Wine club members enjoy a private dining patio, where the hill country breeze gently relaxes the most frustrated of individuals.  In fact, if you are frustrated or stressed, stop reading now, and get in the car.  After a glass of wine under the huge oak trees (or a free half glass if you’re smart enough to join the club), you will, trust me, feeeeeeeelllllll beeeeeetttttttteeeeeerrrrrrr.

Tuscan-Style Gift Shop

Beautiful View of the Vineyard

Private Patio – Members Only

My husband and I have enjoyed many good wines and have been to Napa twice, but still, we are novices at the whole description thing.  On the back of the tongue, it’s supposed to do something, while on the pallet, it does something else.  I get that.  Not understand it, just get it.  (I need to take a class.) What I do know for sure is what tastes good.  I have standards, you know.

Fredericksburg with Mark & Sally April 17 2016 - 14

A box of peaches in the back seat is always a good thing!

We have eaten our Fredericksburg peaches on yogurt and cereal in the morning, put them in smoothies, and baked them in muffins.  Next, I think I’ll try this recipe I found on Pinterest…with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, of course.

Sweet Peach Crisp with Toasted Pecans-- grab the recipe on

So, if you’re looking to spend a day away from the usual, take a little trip to enjoy the unique – one of the stars in our collective Texas crown.  Just be sure you stop in at Grape Creek Vineyards .  It’s my fave.

Happy Day-Tripping!

P.S.: Check out how to get your own complimentary half glass of wine every time you visit here.

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