Chicken and Waffles at Forthright

At the previous law firm where I worked, we had a white board. It hung inconspicuously, clean and dry, on the wall behind my desk – until Fridays.
Once a week, when people were bringing donuts to share, and eating their weekly breakfast tacos, and wearing their jeans, I found that my coworkers could let their hair down, just a teensy, and share something about themselves on-the-white-board.
 Sometimes I posted a question, like, “What was your favorite summer activity when you were a kid?” Or, at Halloween, “If you trick-or-treated today, what would you hope to find in your pumpkin?”
 And then one day, someone suggested we all answer this one:  “What’s your favorite word?”
That’s a hard question, I’ll tell you.
But then again, these were l-a-w-y-e-r-s. Lawyers got words.
Words flew thoughtfully onto the board, written in red, black or green marker.  Big words like “propitiation” and unknown words like ichorous.  I can’t remember what word I wrote on the board – probably something that displayed my stellar intellect, like “buddy-roe.”  (I just love that compound word, highly used by Father Tim in Jan Karon’s Mitford novels.)
But… if this little cafe had been open at the time, where it sits just south of Cesar Chavez and Brazos, inconspicuously, just a stone’s throw from Lady Bird Lake…
I would definitely have stolen their name to use as my Friday-word-for-the-white-board.
     adjective – (of a person or their manner or speech) direct and outspoken; straightforward and honest

Forthright describes itself with few words. Even the cafe’s logo gives way to the classic vibe of Forthright – a simple white capital letter F, set in the middle of a black cube, turned on its side.

The menu is the kind you want to see on a Saturday morning, with selections like oatmeal and pancakes.

But if you leave without tasting Forthright’s chicken and waffles? Well, buddy-roe, you will be making a collossal, gargantuan, prodigious mistake.

Since we have a college son, we’ve had ourselves several plates of chicken & waffles over the years since we all started hearing about that combo.  From Harlem to Houston, together we’ve tried ’em, and that boy of ours loves all kinds of chicken on a waffle  

But, I’m being my most forthright self here when I tell you that you cannot beat them here. 

There’s this very pleasant hint of spice in the chicken. Very understated, but noticeably present. I had to ask the waitstaff, “What IS that spice that makes this chicken so good??”

He wouldn’t tell me.  He tried to act like he didn’t know.  “It’s the chef’s special blend,” he said. 

Well, it’s special, all right. The French toast is good, too, but when that sweet man who married me gave me a bite of his chicken, he could tell by the expression on my eyes-closed face that I liked his better and switched plates with me. (See what I mean? He’s sweet.)

This is the urban patio at Forthright in the summer – right now, it’s a little less leafy. But there are outdoor heaters if you want to sip hot coffee and watch the world go by. 

(photo courtesy of Zagat)

I highly recommend a trip downtown on a nippy January Saturday morning – or a hot summer one! For a few dollars, you can ride the Metro from up North, get off at the Downtown station, stroll south a couple of blocks and have the best chicken & waffles you’ve ever put in your little Southern mouth. Walk it off on the trail at Lady Bird Lake, or rent a bike and pedal a while. If you just want to drive, there’s free parking in the lot right in front.

So there you have it.  A word for the white board at your office, and a recommendation for the best chicken & waffles I’ve had so far in my long-legged life. Forthright. 

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