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#3 and #4 – Leviticus 20:7 and Numbers 14:18 – The Rules and the Redemption of God

(Note: In order to share all 66 verses I'm memorizing with my granddaughter this year, I'll have to double up a time or two.  This is a good time to combine two verses into one week, because these two principles go together like a hand in a spiritual glove. God's requirements for man - and God's provision when man just doesn't measure up.) Verse #3 Consecrate yourselves and be holy, because I am the LORD your God.   Leviticus 20:7 I have loved being a parent, but I haven't done everything right - or at times even well! While

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#2. Exodus 34:14 – The Jealousy of God

My idea of memorizing a verse from each book of the Bible with my granddaughter required some research on my part. In my mind, there was no way to overstate the importance of the scripture selection or understate the impact those scriptures would have over the course of her lifetime. was I supposed to narrow down, from every rich page of God's holy word, just 66 verses for us to memorize?  Taking this job anything but lightly, I took my time and asked God for his direction. Here are the four criteria I used in

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#1. Genesis 1:1 – In the Beginning

In the beginning. Three very powerful words. Pregnant with possibility, those words. In the beginning, I had no idea how we had gotten there.  After a long, hard haul... After a season of much despair... After dinners with consoling friends... After long bubble baths in a tub full of tears... And after counseling with our pastor... She was born.  Three very powerful words. Packed with possibility, those words. Together, we started afresh. Together, we napped while her Mama was at work. Together we danced

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