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A Visit to the LBJ Ranch

On a recent anniversary weekend trip over to Johnson City, Texas, we toured the LBJ Ranch. If you haven't been there, you'll love the scenic drive from Austin and the step back in time once you arrive. It was in this historic place that Lyndon Baines Johnson was born, is buried and lived a totally Texas-style Presidential lifestyle in between. First - Coffee! Every serious road tripper knows that every serious road trip begins with a delicious latte, right?  Fortunately, there's a coffee shop in Johnson City where you can

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An Elaborate Mother’s Day Picnic in La Grange, Texas

May is the Perfect Month for Mother's Day Aren't you glad Mother's Day was designated to be celebrated in the month of May? Yellow and pink flowers are blooming everywhere, the sun is shining, and the birdies are chirping. I don't know about you, but all of those things put together sure make me want to go on a Mother's Day picnic! Mother's Day Traditions What traditions does your family have on this Sunday in May when it's all about Mom? When I was growing up in Amarillo, Mother's Day was a big deal for lots of reasons, but

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A Lovely Fall Day Trip to Brenham

A Lovely Fall Day Trip to Brenham When you live in the Texas hill country, Brenham is a well-known day trip destination. That's partly because of its proximity to Austin (just about an hour and a half east on Hwy 290) and partly because of its thriving downtown (shops and restaurants around the walkable town square). [caption id="attachment_4432" align="aligncenter" width="1201"] Photo courtesy[/caption] However, what really gives Brenham a top spot on the day-trip list is the fact that there's always

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A Full List of Fall Home Tours

HAPPY TEXAS FALL, Y'ALL!  While it's not, by the calendar, technically FALL for a few more days, it's close enough for you and me, isn't it?

We start getting ready for a pumpkin spice latte just about now, right? And football - and leaves changing from green to burnt orange - and being wrapped in a blanket on a cool morning - and - well, you know - just all things FALL!

Back in the panhandle where I'm from, the leaves are changing and blowing right off the trees about now, but the hearts

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All This and More Can Be Yours at Buc-ee’s

If it's really true that everything is bigger in Texas, Buc-ee's is one place that proves it.  With its Beaver-beholden label on loads of signature snacks, Buc-ee's is drawing roadsters in for their roadies like nobody's business. (Taffy is one of Buc-ee's bestsellers.) If you forgot to bring a nice piece of jewelry home from your business trip to Houston, just stop for a bag of these Beaver Nuggets or Buc-ee's Nug-ees for your sweetie. There's a chance she'll be just as happy. But, hold it, first stop - restrooms!

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It’s a Miracle! 4 New Pairs of Shoes that Don’t Hurt My Feet?!?

It's not that I have a fetish or anything (that sounds pretty creepy), but on the other hand, I  do notice pretty feet. And I'm certainly not the only one.   The Chinese have long ago discontinued the tradition of foot binding; however, it was a practice long- considered as greatly contributing to the beauty of a wealthy young girl. In India, children bow to touch the feet of their elders as a sign of great respect. Don't show the sole of your shoe when visiting the Middle East, but do try to trip on your left foot when in Russia

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A Scenic Day Trip to Krause Springs for a Late Fall Picnic

I just dearly love Thanksgiving.  The flavors, the togetherness, the weather - and the family games. This year, we played Hedbanz, and it was great fun! By the time Friday rolls around, though, if you're like me, you kinda start itchin' for a little something to do outside.   Shopping? Maybe.  More likely, something like a great little day trip.  So we packed a day trip picnic with turkey sandwiches from two loaves of French bread that we could slice when we reached our destination, and loaded them into our insulated bag,

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A Trip to Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas

A Short Drive North From Austin Just a hop, a skip and a jump north from Austin (with a short stop at Buc-ee's in Temple, of course!) will get you to the historic and surprisingly progressive mid-sized Texas town of Waco (pronounced way-coe). This is a historic place, partly because of a tornado that ripped through the streets on May 11, 1953, killing over 100 people (!), and it’s surprisingly progressive because of the savvy TV couple who have taken the place by storm in a totally different way. Chip and Joanna Gaines, the stars

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