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Decisive Under Thirty and Decluttered Over Fifty – Two Guys Who Have it Down

Y'all know I love millennials. This whole group is very interesting, highly educated, and they're quite decisive. In all this obervation of millennials while enjoying their company, I've noticed a couple of things that they just don't get about their parents' generation.   One:  Why is it so hard for us to fall in love with sushi? Two:  Why do we keep so much stuff?  Millennials are decisive about sushi, and they're decisive about their stuff.  In other words, neither stays around for very long. It's not that they don't

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You Go, Rick Perry!

Last season, I vowed that I was done with Dancing with the Stars.  But tonight I can't remember why. The very kind man who married me would not want the world to know that he's watched the previous 22 seasons of DWTS with me, so don't tell him I told you.  Sometimes he gets into it even a little more than I do, and he critiques the dancers and the judges all over the place! Like he knows a diddly squat thing about dancing? We both made C's in our college western dance class! I think I could've pulled a B if I could have danced

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Johnny and DeNise Merritt

The Epitome e·pit·o·me - əˈpidəmē/noun 1. a person or thing that is a perfect example of a particular quality or type.

Let me introduce you to our friends, Johnny and DeNise Merritt - The Epitome of the adventurous Austinoverfifty spirit.  They're not from Austin - but they (like a lot of us) got here as soon as they could. We knew the Merritts in Amarillo, but we've rekindled our friendship into full flame now that we are all in Austin.  Recently, when we were learning some new things about them that we didn't

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