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You Go, Rick Perry!

Last season, I vowed that I was done with Dancing with the Stars.  But tonight I can't remember why. The very kind man who married me would not want the world to know that he's watched the previous 22 seasons of DWTS with me, so don't tell him I told you.  Sometimes he gets into it even a little more than I do, and he critiques the dancers and the judges all over the place! Like he knows a diddly squat thing about dancing? We both made C's in our college western dance class! I think I could've pulled a B if I could have danced

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Johnny and DeNise Merritt – An Inspirational Couple of Austinites

Let me introduce you to an inspirational couple of Austinites, who turned their normal existence into an intentional adventure in the Capital City of Texas. Our acqaintance with Johnny and DeNise Merritt goes way back. DeNise's sister is married to the fine man who was our pastor in Muleshoe, Texas for 7 years. DeNise hosted a luncheon at her house for me to meet some women in Amarillo when we moved back there after living in the Home of the Mighty Mules. We attended the same church. Johnny was an attorney in the

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How to Have a Special Mother’s Day When the Kids Can’t Come

Since we’ve moved to Austin, and since everyone in the family lives somewhere else, we just can’t be together on every single important occasion. It can be hard, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets it. So, in the way that only he can, my sweet husband made Mother's Day special for me. No kids in town? No worries. We were going to have a great day anyway, celebrating the joys of my own motherhood, and the blessings we have received from our moms. How kind is my husband! Here’s how he treated me to a very wonderful day.

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