A Carefree New Place to Eat on Congress Avenue

If you’ve been reading along with me on this intentionally-adventurous journey, you know that I dearly LOVE all things Congress Avenue. 

From the sights (weird and not) to the sounds (hustling and bustling), and from the south (shopping) to the north (the prettiest Capitol in the whole wide world), it seems like I never get enough.

And now, there’s a cute and carefree new place to grab lunch with friends or have coffee on Sunday morning. It’s called Caroline

From the font to the front door, Caroline’s mission is obvious- inviting and carefree dining for locals and visitors alike.

Passersby can check out the menu before they go in.

Once inside, the relaxing music in the background blends with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, and you will find yourself staring (and drooling) at the freshly baked (at 3:00 am!) pastries, donuts and cookies.

And speaking of freshly brewed coffee,  if you spot me drinking mine black, you’ll know it’s really, really good coffee.

Caroline partners with Austin-based Little City Roasters to provide this outstanding, smooth and mellow, pretty perfect cup of coffee. 

I did, however, stir it around a little, just because if a restaurant has these cute little spoons, I’m definitely gonna use one. LOVE these dainty spoons.

Caroline’s menu is full of brunch favorites in the morning and lunch selections later in the day. Freshly blended smoothies and juices are also easy to order.

And then … if you want to continue carefree through your day, just head Upstairs for happy hour and a game with friends.

Pool, anyone?

Or Jenga? Try not to get distracted by the open and airy view of Congress Avenue below.

There’s lots of seating for you and all your homies! (Really, I love that word.)

Time to go, oh carefree soul. But be sure to check that pastry case for a necessary something to-go. There’s always a chance you might need a reminder to stay on the sunny side when you get back to the office.

A little nibble on Caroline’s granola cookie ought to do it.

Welcome to the ‘hood, Caroline. 

You are lookin’ good in your spot on Congress Avenue!

Encouraging everyday intentional adventure and making new friends,

PS – photos in this post are my own.


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