3 Things I’m Loving This Wednesday

It’s Wednesday! Wednesdays are a great day to take stock of the week. What’s been accomplished? What’s left on the list that needs to be done Mid-Week before Week-End? If you’re like me, Wednesday always has that middle-of-the-road feeling, when I either chastise myself for not yet cleaning that bathroom, or commend myself for keeping the scale at the right number (or just not going up a digit!). At its core, Wednesday is perhaps the most thankful day of the week. I’m thankful for the people who have called and texted so far this week. Thankful for the task list at work that’s filled with completed check marks. Thankful for small things, too, like a product I’ve found that brings a little more joy to my routine.

Here’s what I’m loving this Wednesday:


I found this great concealer at Walgreens. It’s especially smooth. When I use it, it doesn’t feel the least bit cakey, and when I mix it with a dot of eye cream, it feels downright luxurious. I use it around my eyes and sometimes even further down on my cheeks and nose.

Concealer Photo


Everyone loves a monogrammed gift. My “B” monogrammed cosmetic bag was a great find from a sale table a few years ago, and I bought every initial they had so I could gift them. Wonder why we love monograms so much? If you need to give a gift this week, consider a monogrammed golf towel like this one that I gave my dad for his birthday. Have you discovered Etsy? I think I know what our new son-in-law is getting for his birthday.



Speaking of gifts: Biscotti. I recently met a friend for the weekend in Ft. Worth. She’s a true blue whiz at gift giving. She always remembers when you say you like something, stores that information away in her finely tuned gift-giving-brain-catalog, and then in the future, when you’ve long forgotten that you told her you could eat biscotti every single day, she gives you some. In a cute gift sack. With lots of colorful tissue paper. She’s probably on the hunt for monogrammed biscotti right now. Well, I might just surprise her with some homemade biscotti in a monogrammed mug. When she least expects it. She loves lemon. I know that because she told me, and I stored it away in my gift-giving-brain-catalog.

Biscotti photo

Do you love biscotti like I do? Let me know.  I’d love to hear.

Encouraging intentional adventure,



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