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Decluttering Over 50 – What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do With All Your STUFF

Two friends, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, call themselves The Minimalists, and they are definitely making a minimal name for themselves. Armed with many minimal maxims, these two are making a hefty minimal impact on the world around them, and their message is especially popular with millennials. There's a reason for that. I saw The Minimalists a few months ago when they were here in Austin putting together a podcast on their favorite topic. It was lots of fun, and they even took questions from the

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Celebrate National Soup Month With Austin’s Best Bowls

"Eating Soup. Thick soup served in a soup dish is eaten with the soup spoon. If you want to get the last bit of it, there is no impropriety in tipping the dish away from you in order to collect it at the edge. Indeed you are paying a subtle compliment to your hostess by this demonstrating how good it is. Drink thin soups and bouillons served in cups, as you would tea or coffee, but if there are vegetables or noodles left in the bottom, eat them with the spoon, rather than struggle unattractively to make them slide from the cup

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