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5 Ways to Make Your Stepkids Glad You Married Their Mom

Being a parent is the hardest job. Unless you're a stepparent. That's even harder.  Raising your own children from diapers to dating is super hard. Raising someone else's children - from 8-18 should be easier, right? The baby years have already been toughed out by someone else. Kids are resilient. Look how well they get along with their friends. This blended family thing can't be all that hard, thinks every soon-to-be-stepparent everywhere.  Oh, yes, it can.  Today is Father's Day, and if you're a stepdad, you deserve not only

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Top Ten Best Desserts in Austin

If there had been a university in all the land which offered a "Bachelor of Fine Arts - Dessert," I would have enrolled, made straight A's and proudly framed the diploma on a wall in my kitchen. My parents would have played bridge with their friends, discussed all the children's lives and have been able to do their share of bragging about me. "Oh, she's doing so well in school! But do pray for her. She's studying for an especially difficult exam this week on creme brulee and chocolate cake." Actually, with my very best Downton

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What are You Getting Your Dad for Father’s Day?

What are you getting your dad for Father's Day?  Have you been thinking about it for a while? Maybe you've already asked Dad what he'd like to have this year. That certainly makes things easy! However, if the father or father figure in your life is a little more like mine, i.e., "I really don't need anything," then maybe you can find something in the following list that he needs (or wants) more than he really knew. Sock of the Month Club Since 2012, when yet another successful Austin start-up started up, Sock of the Month

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