Monthly Archives: August 2016

We’re Moving Downtown! – Part 2 (the packing)

This is shaping up to be the easiest move we've made yet! We have already whittled down our "stuff" so much, which makes the packing much easier.  But there's always that "stuff" that's too sentimental or special to get rid of.  For me, that's books, photo albums and dishes. Last year, my friend, Jana took me to the grandaddy of book sales. She and I are both book-lovers, so, I was excited to go, but I had NO IDEA it was going to be such a never-seen-anything-like-it book sale! To be honest, I thought the full-size shopping carts

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Johnny and DeNise Merritt

The Epitome e·pit·o·me - əˈpidəmē/noun 1. a person or thing that is a perfect example of a particular quality or type.

Let me introduce you to our friends, Johnny and DeNise Merritt - The Epitome of the adventurous Austinoverfifty spirit.  They're not from Austin - but they (like a lot of us) got here as soon as they could. We knew the Merritts in Amarillo, but we've rekindled our friendship into full flame now that we are all in Austin.  Recently, when we were learning some new things about them that we didn't

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