Monthly Archives: July 2016

Three Things I Love Most About Austin

The Weather I truly hate to broadcast how great the weather is in Austin.  It almost feels like bragging.  You know, that kind of bragging that says, “My dad is stronger than yours.” But, boy, do I ever LOVE the hill country weather. A day trip to Fredericksburg is almost never cancelled because of cruddy weather. Recently, I was exclaiming about the greatness of the Austin weather in this way: six months out of the year, it is absolutely wonderful -- the other six months it’s fantastic! If you grew up here in the Austin area,

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Grape Creek Vineyards – Fredericksburg, Texas

A trip to Fredericksburg once involved two days' travel time for us.  Now that we are Austinoverfifty-ers, a day trip to Fredericksburg is easy peasy. We can go often... and we do. Do you like quaint shopping?  German food,?  PEACHES?  Hiking?  Then you are sure to love Fredericksburg.  You can stay for the weekend, or go for the day.  Go with girlfriends, or go with your spouse.  Go by yourself if you want to!  Fredericksburg is a true Texas gem, the epicenter of the Texas hill country wine region, and no visitor leaves

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